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pieces to make your life prettier


"Welcome to my online art gallery, where you will find a unique collection of handdrawn illustrations of women. My work celebrate the diversity and beauty of women and empowers them through art. Whether you're looking for art that is joyful and colorful, that showcases our strength as women or that honors femininity, you've come to the right place. Each piece is handdrawn to tell a story and capture the essence of the woman it depicts. Browse the collections now and find the perfect piece to add to your collection or to give as a gift to someone special in your life."


that women's rights are human rights. I believe all children should have the chance to live in a world that offers them the same opportunities as everyone else, a world that pays all genders equally, a world that treats all genders equally. I believe that women empowerment, feminism, womanism, and the empowerment of girls are not trends, but instead are movements towards that equality. I believe that ALL WOMEN ARE PRETTY REGARDLESS OF COLOR, SIZE OR AGE. And I am forever inspired by those who work everyday in their communities, in their homes, in their relationships, in their lives to do better for all women because they understand that liberation for one is liberation for all.


Client Testimonial

I'm so glad the stars aligned to stop me in front of Tatiana's booth that one summer afternoon. That first day I went home not only with a portrait that reminded me of my sister & I, but also a story behind the art that made it absolutely invaluable. Tatiana's work is so easy to fall in love with because of the mantra she wholeheartedly pours into each piece, that "all girls are pretty". I'm always so over the moon to add another one of her beautiful women to my collection because I know Tatiana creates them with such skill, professionalism, and care. - Bria W.

Hi, I'm Tatiana

I create pieces to add more charm and loveliness to your life, which you will (hopefully) look at for years and smile. I want to portray badass women who have style and substance. The illustrations are your sisters, your friends, you or who you see yourself as being deep inside. They add color to small work spaces, glamour to your bedroom, and inspiration to your studio’s walls. And it is my honor for you to allow me in your home, your life, and your heart.