About The Collections

Portraits - All Girls Are Pretty

The Portraits drawings of women represent us in all our shades, with different hair types, and with different badass attitudes. 


The Self Love Collection - Women Being Women

The Self Love art print collection was inspired by classic fashion illustrations and was created to show women loving themselves and living their best lives. Whether biking, being cozy at home, chilling in some plants, being fabulous in fur or simply being, the series is meant to show us, women, in all our facets. Strong, soft, sexy, unbothered, relaxed. Basically, as humans. 


Amongst Flowers - Women Celebrating Themselves and Nature

While the Amongst Flowers collection also celebrates womanhood, the main difference between it and the other collections is that it was created  as a hybrid of two of my favorite things - beautiful flowers and beautiful self-confident women. Before becoming a full-time artist I was a Landscape Architect and I have always wanted to find a way to showcase both professions. Amongst Flowers not only requires me to sketch out the composition of each drawing but I also need to research the flowers, study them, and illustrate them (sometimes for the first time). You see flowers in drawings, but what I see is an amazing culmination of experiences that I have acquired over the years.