Hey There Gorgeous

Hey There Gorgeous

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¨Hey There Gorgeous¨ represents the story and attachment that black women have to their hair. You cannot come between a black woman and her hair. It is not only one of our favorite topics of discussions, but it is also one of our biggest preoccupations. From natural, to relaxed, locked, braided, twisted, and blown-out all of us have stories that accompany a different hairstyle period in our lives. Our fathers, brothers, uncles, boyfriends, husbands, and best guy friends also know what's up. They don't ask us to do certain activities when we got our hair (the spa? Nope) freshly did. They don't ask us why it takes so long at the salon cause they know that day is gone. They sure as hell don't ask us why we are changing our hair for the third time this month because they know it is our perogative. And most important, they know to never touch our hair, our mane, unless we say it's okay because we are lionesses that will eat their hands off (and anyone else's) if they try ;)

"Hey There Gorgeous" is printed on 100% cotton rag, acid-free, archival paper
11x14 in (28 cm x 35 cm) vertical image
All illustrations are shipped in a flat protective sleeve (2.5 oz./28.3 grams)

Printed in the USA

About the 225 Portraits:
In 2015 I introduced the Black Girls Rock! Collection because I wanted to draw images that were representative of strong and fashionable black girls killing it. I had so much fun and the illustrations were so well received that I decided to take on the challenge of creating 225 Portraits of cool, interesting, and inspiring women of all shapes and nationalities.