I often get asked about doing custom portraits and illustrations. While, at this time I am not doing commissions for commercial use, I do offer a custom portraits for personal use. Whether you are a bride and would like a picture in your gown, you are bffs who are celebrating 20 years of friendship or you are a mother with two sweet girls, portraits are a great investment for yourself or to give someone you love. Imagine being transformed into a fashion illustration with your hair looking even more fabulous than usual and wearing the prettiest outfit. I know I would like that 😉

Portraits are drawn from your photos in my style, and any photo will do as long as the details in the face are clear. Although different pictures can be combined to make one family or group illustration, I ONLY ILLUSTRATE GIRLS AND WOMEN. It’s not because I don’t love boys and men (big up to all the guys who support me out there), it’s because I specialize in women. Unless otherwise stated, portraits take 6-8 weeks from the time your order is confirmed (there may be a faster turnaround time during the holidays and the bridal season, as more time is devoted to portraits. Please shoot me an email to discuss). Prices are for the classic head & shoulders portrait (see 225 Portraits Collection for more.) For more of the body or for a simple background scene, fill out the form below to contact me for a quote.

Portraits are drawn with markers on acid-free vellum paper. Vellum is a semitransparent paper traditionally used for architectural drawings, therefore in addition to a mat, drawings come with an acid-free archival art mat for backing. Custom framing is not available at this time.

8×10 Me, Myself, and I Portrait (1 adult) $300
8×10 Mommy and Me Portrait $450 (1 adult, 1 child)

Due to the high value of portraits, I will start to draw only after I receive the full payment. I will then schedule the drawing on my calendar. Please note that portraits are non-refundable as it will be impossible to sell them to another customer.

I either use Priority Mail or FedEx with 24 hour tracking to deliver portraits safely and securely. Shipping is not included in the price.


What do I need to know before starting?

Who will be the subject of your painting?  Is it just you, you and your little girl, you and your mom or sister? The number of people will effect the composition of the drawing, therefore it is important to figure it out right away.

What style do you prefer?  Do you like a watercolor feel or a more realistic, photographic style?  If you have chosen me as your artist, I assume that you are familiar with my style and have seen my work rather than want a  photo realist style. As an artist, I translate what I see by drawing women in their most flattering light, pose and compositions. Illustrations are how I see you.

What does the portrait include?
Prices are for the artwork only. Shipping is extra.

What medium do you use?
Although illustrations look like watercolor, I actually use a combination of markers, ink and colored pencils. You will therefore receive an illustration on vellum, plus an acid-free archival paper for backing.

How does the process work?
Once you place your order, I will set up a call so that we can discuss details such as favorite portrait or illustration from my website and the pictures you have submitted to me. After our call, I sketch out a few ideas. I then email you or schedule a Skype meeting  for you to approve the initial line drawing. Once the portrait is finished, it is shipped or picked up from my Montreal studio.

How long does the portrait take?
It takes 1-2 weeks after the first phone meeting for an initial drawing to be submitted. Although the process can be expedited, the portrait will be complete within 6-8 weeks.

Will my portrait appear on your website or brochure?
As the artist, I maintain the the rights to all my illustrations and scan or photograph my artwork for publicity or reproduction purposes. However, out of respect for your privacy, I do not use children or family names when titling or describing my artwork unless specific permission has been granted. I also maintain  the right to exhibit art commissioned either before sale is complete or in a retrospective of  my work.

What about reproductions of the work?
All my artwork is scanned and stored so that it may be reproduced. You may purchase prints from me for $50 each (although please, note, colors of the prints and the original may differ). Exclusively for custom portraits, these matted prints are printed on watercolor paper and make lovely gifts for grandparents and loved ones.  Greeting cards (for your own personal use) are also available for $2.50 per card.

Please fill out the contact form below and write “portrait inquiry” in the subject if you need more information.

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